Cops: Another Case Of He Reached For His Waistband

Warning Graphic Content: Wichita Police Department releases the body camera video of officer-involved shooting. Police say the man shot was a victim of swatting.

Family says son killed by police in ‘swatting’ was unarmed

Video here. Enlarge it and watch very carefully. Note the cops are all across the street in cover behind vehicles. Watch the lower left hand of the video and note the muzzle of the M4 and muzzle blast.

When officers arrived at the scene, Finch opened the door for the officers. As police told him to put his hands up, Finch moved a hand toward the area of his waistband – a common place where guns are concealed. An officer, fearing the man was reaching for a gun, fired a single shot. Finch died a few minutes later at a hospital and was found to be unarmed, Livingston said.

That cop murdered my son over a false report in the first place

And there it is, once again. Moved a hand toward the AREA of his waistband. I also note, that anytime I raise my hands, to any level, and drop my hands back down… guess where my hands are.

The cops in Wichita showed up at the house and shot an unarmed man who came to answer the door.  The police, of course, claim that he “moved a hand toward the area of his waistband” as justification for shooting him.

So what if he did?

Let me remind you that:

There was no probable cause or justification to shoot him — period.

Remember, even when innocent, any and all furtive movements, no matter how benign, even when cops don’t ACTUALLY see a weapon, can and will be used by cops to execute you.

Now, if you watched the linked video of the cop shooting an unarmed man… from across the street, because he “moved a hand toward the area of his waistband”, compare that video with drawing from concealed waistband carry:

The above is an actual reaching into your waistband to retrieve a gun. A huge difference from “moved a hand toward the area of his waistband”, isn’t it?

If you are a concealed carrier, and not cop, do not do what these cops do. Because you will go to prison.

Remember this?

Don’t tell me this cop wasn’t playing up “My authority”. The, “I think I’ll make him crawl like a dog authority.” The, “I’ll set him up for failure authority.” The, “One furtive movement authority.” The, “His pants are falling and he reached authority.”


16 thoughts on “Cops: Another Case Of He Reached For His Waistband

  1. So, what…..
    This happens time and time again, without justice for those murdered, or their family, ever being obtained.
    Moreover, the only respone to these egregious attacks is to complain online, ensuring (as always) that nothing changes.
    Wash, rinse, repeat.
    Again, I ask, why even bother becoming upset unchecked murders by LEO, and posting that angst online?
    What makes this time any different
    than the previous murders of citizens by police?

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  3. All the cops were across the street? How, in God’s name, were they in ANY danger of being shot? This shooting was absolutely unnecessary. There was no threat, even if the guy had a gun. Total bullshit!

  4. Exactly. The idea of “reaching” has been so ingrained into the minds and hearts of cops, they will shoot by default. No presence of gun required.

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  6. Well, the man failed to whimper and grovel! “Failure to Grovel” is an offensive act in police culture. Didn’t you know that? You “civilians” need to learn your place.

    Submit and comply! Submit! Submit! Its what Free Men do!

  7. This will continue until a police officer from the offending department is executed for every one of these incidents. I would suggest going after the management level of the department. Also money from all lawsuits must come out of police department budgets instead of the general city funds. The standard should be no shots fired until a weapon is clearly visible and pointed in your direction.

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  9. Just wait til terminal folks with nothing to lose start marking their families to show they can lose more than “going home safely”

  10. Why do you put all the responsibility on us po’ old terminal folks? Why can’t everyone pick a pig-house to burn down? Why restrict anyone from calling the thugs into a trap?
    We all are “terminal”, I would be more pleased picking my own time than have something random decide when I turn to worm dirt.

  11. The escalation will continue. The Police are at war with the people. Get ready for more.

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