They know what MAGA is. MAGA is the mob, conjure magic for them and they will be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they roar. The beating heart of MAGA is not liberty, it's the sand of entertainment. They will give them judgement and MAGA will love them for it.


NRA Represents Gun Control

The thing is, those points bear very little relationship to “shall not be infringed,” and in fact represent “gun control” no matter how Fairfax wants to parse it and pretend otherwise. That's the problem when you green-light some infringements and the guy starts  thinking "compromises" must be OK and goes off script. NRA Cover for... Continue Reading →

Cops: The Stalinist Spy

A friend told me that an elderly relative who has lived in Florida for the past 30 years recently got a call from the police department in Milford, Massachusetts, where he resided some 30 years ago.  The cop on the phone told him that they were reviewing gun registrations and that they would like him... Continue Reading →

Cops: We Had To Taze Her Bro!

Why are cops involved at all? Why isn’t the airline peaceably resolving the dispute to its customer’s satisfaction? And why am I asking since we all know the answer: 9/11. Cops not only arrested this poor woman, they “had to use a Taser to take her into custody.” Ah, yes, the old “one-woman-was-about-to-overpower-us-six-bruisers,-so-we-HAD-to-Tase-her,-bro” excuse.

Cops: Cool! Look What I Did!

So brave, sir cop. After the officer was seen on video savagely slamming the woman down, police then accused Cottone of kicking them and charged her with harassment “as a means to conceal the actions of the police officers,” said attorney Kevin Luibrand.  Once prosecutors viewed the footage, the egregious harassment charge was dropped. Instead of holding... Continue Reading →

Trump: MAGA’s Team Freedom!

What is funny, is that all sides are trying to convince the other sides that they have cognitive dissonance. If you think Attorney General Jeff Sessions is freedom-trampling, liberty-loathing tyrant, just wait until you see who fellow tyrant Donald Trump nominated for the Sentencing Commission. Bill Otis is possibly the worst selection that Trump could... Continue Reading →

The Horror: Russia Again!

Russia Blamed For Anti-Genetically Modified Organism Food Campaign and Pushing American Gun Rights. The Scooby-Doo investigation team America... you are being so gaslighted.

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