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Jarring Millenials And Their Parents Into Consciousness

Lies of Omission is a film that every Millenial should see. It features interviews with the sages of our day: the late Mike Vanderboegh, 2nd Amendment activist and writer David Codrea, Claire Wolfe, Matt Bracken, and Larry Pratt already completed. Shooting is underway as is preproduction.

T.L. Davis is working on a film designed to jar millenials and their parents into consciousness.

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Tune in here: The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW – Guest T.L. Davis, the Christian Mercenary

Know how this is possible?

Indifference to human suffering and condition. Probably deserved it for not paying off the rest of her court ordered fine. Why, she is a damn criminal!

After she had been discharged from the hospital into police custody, the officers were given instructions to care for her. However, officers and jail medical staff “refused to provide any medical attention to (her) whatsoever,” the court documents stated.

Cops Arrest Sick Woman in the Hospital for Unpaid Fines, Put Her in Jail & Dehydrate Her to Death

I can guarantee that their conscience are so seared, they didn’t think twice about it when they went home to their families. Just another day in Law Enforcement.

Cops Mistake Innocent Man’s Seizure for a Crime, Beat Him So Bad He Was Hospitalized for Days

And then they CHARGED him: To add insult to injury, Ortega was charged with DWI resisting arrest, evading arrest and interfering with public duties. After a toxicology screening had revealed that there were, in fact, no drugs or alcohol in his system, the DWI charge was dropped, but the other charges remain.

Reminds me of this:

Meanwhile, the Senate passes the Bill

I know… don’t dial 911 when you NEED a COP! Exactly. I dread it. You never know when cops are in psycho-authoritah-paranoid mode. A good cop would know exactly what I am talking about.


Pharmaceutical pollution could be to blame for the many drugs showing up in the tissues of juvenile Chinook salmon. Estuary waters near the sewage treatment plants were found to contain a cocktail of up to 81 different drugs, according to a new study out of the National Oceanie and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

From man, to fish, to man again. Mankind truly is what it eats.